7+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

Having a stellar WordPress website is quite the experience. It is what you have to show for the time and monetary investments. Losing all of it within the blink of an eye is nothing short of a nightmare. Corruptive software or an innocent error are some of the many reasons why you could lose all your progress in seconds. Nonetheless, you should be able to sleep at night if you have installed one of the best WordPress backup plugins.

Another costly option is to employ WordPress maintenance expertise. This way, you will always have a backup for all your content at a moment’s notice. However, you can get more hands-on with an affordable option by buying a great WordPress backup plugin and be set for life. For this cheap option, we have analyzed the top choices for a WordPress backup plugin. Browse through the list and pick your favorite.

What is the best backup plugin for WordPress?

Best WordPress backup plugins are listed bellow, You can use any of it from list as all the plugins are most popular in WordPress.


Backing up and restoring websites has never been as easy as with UpdraftPlus. Over two million active installations speak for the plugin. The free version backs up your files and database to Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Dropbox, Amazon S3, email, Openstack Swift, and UpdraftVault.

The premium version, however, adds a few more locations including, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, Google Cloud Storage, WebDAV, SCP, and Backblaze B2. What’s more, this pro version has an extension called Migrator that supports easy duplication or migration of websites. This version will ensure that your entire database is encrypted. The dedicated premium support is one of a kind.

It is also compatible with multisite and multi-network use. With UpdraftPlus, you get a great plugin called UpdraftCentral. This plugin is responsible for backing up, updating, and managing several of your websites remotely from a central location. The free version of the plugin is self-hosted while the premium one is fully hosted with a cloud version available. Rather than risk all your content, you can create an ‘UpdraftClone.’ This clone is a copy of your website, on which you can conduct tests and modifications. You can discard this clone once you’re through.


BackWPup is a backup plugin that guarantees the safety of all the installations and content of your WordPress site. To restore, you only need to extract the data from one backup zip file. Among the features that make this plugin so exceptional is the ability to maintain the database. BackWPup has the option to optimize as well as check and repair the database. You can operate on a multisite basis but only as a network administrator. As this plugin saves your data, it backs it up to several locations, including the FTP server, the Dropbox, S3 services, Microsoft Azure, and RackSpace. Upon restoration of data, you will access all your installed plugins as a file, which BackWPup will generate for you.

With the premium version, you get additional backup locations, including Amazon Glacier and Google Drive. Furthermore, the pro version makes data restoration extremely easy. You only need to access your WordPress website from the backend and restore everything with a few clicks. This feature is also available in the form of an independent app. With the BackWPup premium, you can encrypt backup archives and restore them from these encrypted backups.


BlogVault is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress with free cloud storage and a free staging environment. This plugin handles everything from seamless migration to management of the entire website. BlogVault facilitates straightforward maintenance and management of multiple sites. Staging or cloning a website takes a single click. This way, you can run tests on the staged clone to keep your website safe.

This plugin boasts over a million successful restorations, with a 100% success rate. Over 450,000 sites have used BlogVault to back up data while the plugin is compatible with over 10,000 web hosts. The record size of the most extensive website backed up using this plugin was a whopping 330GB. The support for the plugin is premium too. If you’re operating on a multisite basis, all sites will be backed up.

Owners of WooCommerce shops will love BlogVault, which guarantees real-time back up on all orders as they take place. This plugin restores all eCommerce shop data within a year of backup archives. Offsite storage remains protected around the clock. To give all customers the ultimate experience, the developer is continually working on the features. You can also access all backups anytime from an independent dashboard.


If you’re tired of worrying about losing your website to malware or personal errors, the WPBackitUp plugin will take the burden off your shoulders. This plugin is responsible for backing up 30,000 sites with no coding knowledge, FTP or cPanel required.

WPBackitUp has a single click button that is enough to back up an entire site, regardless of its size. If you feel like you don’t need to back up some of the stuff on your website, this plugin allows you to select what you want to be backed up. You will find your backups in the form of compressed zip files. These backups may include plugins, themes, database, uploads, and media files, among others. Even for the free version, the support is professional and easy to access.

With the premium version of WPBackitUp, you get some extras, including an automatic backup schedule that will operate when you choose. Backing up your site won’t stop you from carrying out other tasks as it can continue in the background. Regardless of the size of your backup, you can restore it from your dashboard quickly. What’s more, you can even restore your backup to a different WordPress version, or move your website to a different domain, host, or table prefix. With the pro version, support will get you around the queue and serve you quickly.


WPvivid is one of the quickest, safest, and most reliable backup plugins for WordPress websites.

You can operate WPvivid backup for multiple sites from the dashboard of your main WordPress site. Among the perquisites of this plugin is the ability to create a staging environment. This environment allows you to manipulate a clone site and develop it without limitations, with no fear of corrupting the actual site. The backup schedules are more advanced, and you can customize them as you wish. You can migrate the backup by use of remote storage. Restoring your site is also possible from remote storage.

If you so wish, you can move your entire site to a new domain with one click. You can even migrate the clone site to a new domain or subdirectory. Among the storage locations supported are Dropbox, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Drive, SFTP, FTP, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon S3. You may decide to set the number of your backups that you want to retain after restoration. WPvivid accommodates the splitting of backup if you don’t want to have it all together. Once the plugin completes specific operations, such as backing up your site, you get an instant email report. Its responsive design allows you to operate it from any device.


With 70,000+ active installations, BackupGuard is inarguably one of the best options if you need to backup, restore, and migrate your WordPress site. This plugin doesn’t limit the number of times that you can back up.

The free version will back up both your files and database, together or separately. It also allows you to choose which folders and database tables to backup. Your files and databases are available for restoration whenever you need them. You can then choose to restore specific files or database or restore the entire site. If you want, you can download backups onto your computer. To restore data, all you need to do is upload to import backups, with no need for FTP. You can cancel the backup process at any point. You can select specific paths and database tables to exclude from the backups.

With the BackupGuard premium, you can migrate the backup from one domain to another. In the free version, you can set automatic backup schedules. However, in the paid version, you can also choose variable backup frequencies. You can back up to and restore from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, SFTP, and FTP. BackupGuard accommodates custom naming of backups. You can also specify the number of backups you need to retain on the server.

WP Database Backup

For manual and automatic database backups, WP Database Backup is your go-to plugin. This plugin has a feature for searching and sorting database backup for smooth handling. Both backups and restorations only require one click and occur on Dropbox, email, FTP, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. As easy as it is to download backups (from the WordPress dashboard), installing the plugin is just as easy. For comfortable use of the plugin, it has adequate documentation.

The premium features include compatibility with multisite handling. Backup listing for WP Database Backup has pagination. The log files in the backup are easy to download. In the settings, you can set the plugin to delete the oldest backup files automatically. The plugin can report activities to whichever email you may choose. The backed-up files are available as zip folders with the name of the site. You can sort and search backups based on date or size. WP Database Backup supports the migration and cloning of a website. You can choose to exclude tables from your backups and even change the name of the backup folders. The support is exceptional, and the updates are regular

Final Thoughts

You might have planned to back up your website but never really got around to it. Such postponements could prove costly since a slight mishap could make you lose everything, even premium plugins you had purchased. To remain safe, choose one of the best WordPress backup plugins and set it to automatic updates. That way, you don’t even have to think about the backups until the day you actually need them.

Mending a fault in the wall is much simpler than having to rebuild the entire complex. Browse this list, make your choice, and be safe.

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