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Radio stations are one of the oldest entertainment and information sources, and as all Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Generation X and Ys would agree, one of the best. This is not merely because radio is an immense source of nostalgic feelings for them, but also because it is still relevant in the new millennium. Best radio station WordPress themes are included in the post. People who own FM and digital radio stations will always find websites an important tool sooner or later. The main obstacle is usually the inability to build their own website due to a lack of coding prowess.

However, with any of the best radio WordPress themes, anyone can have a website in no time with no need for experience in web coding. With most of these top themes, you get functions that allow your users to keep browsing your pages as they listen to the radio. We’ve scoured every available market for the best of them and crafted this intuitive catalog of the best online radio WordPress themes to help narrow your choice.

Top radio WordPress themes are listed bellow:


Sonik is a powerful radio WordPress theme whose plethora of tools enables you to build a professional radio and music website fast. It offers more than 12 custom post types so that you can create any content type. These post types include music albums, events, music charts, videos, galleries, team members, podcasts, artists, radio channels, radio shows, show schedules, and products. Sonik comes with an incredible music player that is complete with a playlist and animations. It also supports an MP3 radio stream.

If you want to make some money off your site, you can utilize the WooCommerce capabilities of this radio WordPress theme. Selling music tracts and albums is as easy as adding them to the shopping cart on your site. Sonik has an events map that is driven by the QT Places plugin, which has a market price of at least $22. You can engage your users by showcasing music charts — such as top 10 lists — with MP3, SoundCloud, or YouTube.

Since Sonik is crafted with the WPBakery Page Builder, you can customize your site with a drag & drop interface in a few minutes. Along with this plugin, you also get more than 7 custom modules. Displaying your content will always be easy and innovative with the robust QT Gridstacks. Among the display styles that you get include 3D Cover Flow, Diamonds, Carousel, Text Carousel, Slideshow, and Skywheel.


OnAir2 is a fantastic online radio WordPress theme with many features that combine for one of the best radio websites. This theme comes with 11 custom post types, 7 custom widgets, and 14 custom shortcodes with which you can craft elegant pages and sections that complete your site. The Radio Player feature that comes with OnAir2 is fully mobile-friendly. You can host as many channels on your website as you want.

This radio WordPress theme has a functional MP3 stream that gives your visitors a smooth time listening to your music and podcasts. With OnAir2, your users can play your content on a popup player that allows them to continue navigating the rest of your website. If you want to display your radio broadcasts’ schedule, you’ll appreciate the easy setup process that you have to carry out. The automatic day and time detection make your schedule more realistic and reliable. You can showcase this schedule on sliders and tables.

If your content is great, your users can utilize the social sharing function of OnAir2 and make your radio go viral. The parallax header that comes with this fantastic theme gives you a chance for easy branding and enhancing your site’s beauty. If you want to grant your users access to podcast series, you have options to use various podcast post types, including MixCloud, YouTube, SoundCloud, and MP3 files.


Chords is a multi-concept theme for radio stations and other kinds of performers. The events management system that comes with this theme eradicates the need for third-party plugins. This fantastic radio WordPress theme makes the management of tracklists very seamless. You can create playlists and embed them anywhere on your site using straightforward shortcodes. The music player that comes with Chords allows you to display popular and features music to a stream on the homepage with the inbuilt audio player by SoundManager 2.

If you want to take full advantage of this online radio WordPress theme, you’ll find yourself using the robust options panel a lot. You should also use the versatile widget system to create unique pages, such as a homepage and landing pages, by dragging and dropping elements. Since Chords comes with WooCommerce functionality, you can rely on it to help you sell tickets, albums, and merchandise.

Chords is ready with the WPML plugin, enabling you to translate your website into any single or multiple languages. Do you prefer Elementor, Site origin, or the Divi page builder? Whichever one tickles your fancy, you can use it easily with this radio WordPress theme. With the 16 different color schemes with a blend of dark and light versions, you can have your favorite color in no time and use it anywhere and everywhere.


If you want a colorful website that highlights the class and appeal of your content, Sounder just might be what you’re looking for. It comes with 3 homepage layouts that give your visitors all the necessary information about what they can find on the rest of your pages. This radio WordPress theme supports online radio streaming so that you can broadcast content from anywhere to users all over the globe. The Instagram feed that comes with Sounder implies that your users can share your site around and show others how much they need to go to your site.

The shows and live broadcasts that you want to offer are easy to manage with Sounder. You have very little to do to create your site since the premade pages and other elements give you a shorter way of accomplishing that. You can use the ThemeREX addons to manage your posts, API keys, and social media profiles, among other vital functions. The header and footer builder that comes with this online WordPress theme is easy to use and only takes a couple of clicks to manage existing headers.

Sounder has a sidebar manager that enables you to create as many sidebars as you want and place them anywhere. The theme is SEO optimized, thus attracts more traffic, therefore, conversions to your site.

Rare Radio

Rare Radio is an exceptional beautiful online radio WordPress theme with a functional and contemporary design. Some of its most elegant features are the advanced galleries, sliders, and audio players. The online radio stream runs without hiccups and delays. You can manage your shows and their broadcasts easily with the tools and interface that this radio WordPress theme has to offer. With its schedule time table, Rare Radio can round up your management of programs easily without adding third-party plugins.

If you need your users to contact you, you can utilize the Contact Form plugin to create unlimited custom forms and place them anywhere you want. Rare Radio is GDPR compliant so that you can protect the information of your users and your data. With the MailChimp plugin, you can easily organize your email contact lists and go for the easiest way to get re-marketing campaigns to pay off.

Most radio followers will love reading blogs if you have great content to share. You can reward them by offering multiple blog layouts, which are editable using the WordPress Live Customizer. You can showcase sticky blogs that appear whenever you want. The photo, gallery, and video blog posts are really engaging. However, the audio one brings about the real old school radio feeling. Default (text), quote, and link formats are also available.


Megaphone is one of the best tools if you want the ideal solution for your radio. All you need is to publish your audio content for personal podcasts, podcast networks, or radio stations. The audio player that comes with Megaphone is always close at hand for your visitors with its sticky option. It is complete with skipping and playback speed options. This radio WordPress theme allows you to host your audio content anywhere you want to, from Spotify, Stitcher, Mixcloud, PodBean, and SoundCloud, among others.

If you’re that serious about podcasting, you’ll be glad to know that Megaphone fully supports all the popular podcasting plugins. These plugins include PowerPress, LibSyn Publisher Hub, and Seriously Simple Podcasting. Megaphone can detect the ordering of your episodes automatically and arrange them appropriately. If your post titles include the episode numbers, this online radio WordPress theme will also detect this and cleverly use it on your feature image.

Once you assign your episodes into relevant categories, they’ll automatically group them into shows and display them separately. Megaphone has full support for guests and co-host display since it comes with a robust plugin for this function. Inserting links to your profile on different podcast networks enables you to earn subscribers and followers easily. Placing banners and ad scripts into various predefined ad sections on different pages allows you to monetize your site quickly.


The carefully designed layouts of Roogan are part of why it fits the needs of virtually any kind of podcast website. You can group your episodes into multiple shows as you assign them to categories and groups. Once you choose your preferred layout, you can upload a featured image and make the final touches to your site’s appearance. Roogan allows you to use any of the popular podcast plugins as it supports them all. Apart from being compatible with the default WordPress player, this radio WordPress theme comes with a powerful custom audio player that is a joy to use.

If you want to have the most impressive layouts for presenting your video listings and articles, you are spoilt for choice with more than 200 post layout combinations. Roogan is optimized for high-speed performance so that your site loads fast and smoothly. You can monetize your site by placing banner ads on any page and utilizing affiliate marketing sites and AdSense advertising.

Are you worried about how your images will look? You can choose various aspect ratios or set your own sizes and have your images looking their best. You can add as many sidebars as you need and assign specific sidebars to the posts, pages, categories, or shows of your choice. Placing widgets on sticky sidebars makes them visible throughout your site content.


If you need a website that smoothly plays any audio content with numerous custom features, MusicPlay is one of the themes you should go for. Its responsive web design makes it compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and any other device. With this online radio WordPress theme, you get advanced header options for customizing your header appearance and content. MusicPlay has so many options for displaying audio content, including social sharing, album labels, links, and the number of columns on which you can display the album (between 3 to 5).

For single MP3 files, you can rely on the DJMix feature, which allows you to play audio files from anywhere on the full-width audio player. You can even play songs from albums using shortcodes. Upon posting albums, you may want to credit the musicians. You would then find the artist’s single page helpful with sections for their biography, date, and place of birth, name and nickname, site links, social sharing, and much more.

As you showcase your events, MusicPlay offers an additional way of making them more attractive and likelier to convert. Countdowns for events makes these two ends achievable. Since this radio WordPress theme comes with Ajax coding, your pages get to have more styles, with functions, such as the load more and infinite loading.

Final Thoughts

Since WordPress accommodates countless developers, you may end up with a poor online radio WordPress theme. This is one of the main reasons why we came up with this list. We tested all themes herein thoroughly to assure you that your choice will be right. Whatever functions or features you were in search of, you certainly got your theme. All these themes have great coding for outstanding performance but also come with long-time support from developers and WordPress communities. Have fun creating your website!

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